5K – 5th GRADE

Parents, here is what you can expect from our Centerpoint Kids department:

1. A CLEAN environment – Every week our equipment is wiped down and our floors are vacuumed to provide a  clean, healthy environment for your kids.

2. A SAFE environment – Our check-in system helps parents know that their child is safe and secure.  Numbers are given at check-in and children are released when parents return the matching number. All of our volunteer staff are background checked.

3.  A CARING environment – We take seriously our responsibility to your children.  We will show them the love of Christ and teach them how to live like Christ.  Our leaders teach with a kind, caring attitude.

4. A FUN environment – It is our goal for your kids to have so much fun that they can’t wait to come back next week!

For more information about our Centerpoint Kids department, please contact Melissa Strout – mstrout@mycenterpointchurch.com