Infant – 4K

Parents, here is what you can expect from our Centerpoint Nursery and Preschool department:

1. A CLEAN environment – Every week our toys and equipment is wiped down and our floors are vacuumed to provide a clean, healthy environment for these precious little ones

2. A SAFE environment – Our check-in system helps parents know that their child is safe and secure. Numbers are given at check-in and children are released when parents return the matching number. All of our volunteer staff are background checked.

3. A CARING environment – We take seriously our responsibility to your children. We will show them the love of Christ and teach them how to live like Christ. We are so much more than a babysitting service.

4. A FUN environment – It is our goal for your little ones to have so much fun that they can’t wait to come back next week!

For more information about our nursery/preschool department, please contact Melissa Strout –