We exist to help people make Christ the center point of their lives.


We want to develop passionate followers of Christ by helping people find a place to connect, grow, and serve.
Connect – Connect with God and people each Sunday
Grow – Grow closer to God and people through our life groups that meet throughout the week in different areas of the community.
Serve – Find a place to serve on our dream team or on any Christian-based outreach of our community. 

1. We exist for others – God has called us to reach people and help them make Christ the center point of their lives. We will do whatever we can to reach people.

2. We enjoy life – He has given us abundant life. One of the fruits of the spirit is joy. We take time to enjoy the journey as often as possible.

3. We empower people – everyone has God-given gifts and talents. We want to see them use those gifts to serve.

4. We encounter God – We want more than church programs. We want people to encounter God in a powerful way. That’s one of the things we pray for consistently.